Health is something we all hear about. Lives can be busy, calm, stressful, relaxed, miserable, exciting, lacking, fulfilling, and many more. How we determine which moment is which is by using our mind and body perceptions, which includes how we feel and how we respond/react. Integrated Nutrition bridges all of these aspects together into one wholesome approach.

Health and Lifestyle Coaching with me looks at the patterns of your choice-making on a rather consistent or not-so-consistent basis. It is through identifying these patterns by really becoming present and honest with yourself during our sessions that I can help you see where the simplest shift to make could be in order to start navigating your life’s ship of Health & Happiness into it’s natural flow and course direction.

It is my passion to work with anyone who desires to feel intimately connected with their authentic self living their life on purpose and with intention.


Working with me builds a partnership between you and I that will transform you from the current version of yourself to an upgraded natural and healthy version of you. Imagine feeling happier, focused, energized, and empowered to make better choices for your health and wellness goals!


With Love,

Krystal Godlesky

Integrated Nutrition Health Coach |