Our lives can feel compacted, short, fast, congested, or full when we allow our minds to be swept up in the momentum of living life to it’s fullest. Only when we really force ourselves, do many of us actually take time for ourselves to slow down and be patient with the present. How we determine which moment is which is by using our mind and body perceptions, which includes how we feel and how we respond/react. Integrative Nutrition looks at every facet of our lifestyle and asks the simple question of “Is this good for my best health or no?”

Health and Lifestyle Coaching with me means focusing on the patterns in your every day present life. We discuss the right now and where it is that you want to go. It is through recognizing these patterns that you begin to see pieces of who you really are. Self-awareness is the first major step towards navigating your life using your own natural flow.

Imagine yourself feeling happier, focused and energized! Now take the next step with me.


With Love,

Krystal Godlesky, CHC | rockroseharmony@gmail.com