Health is something we all hear about. We all understand it to a certain level, but that understanding isn’t always enough to keep us making consistent choices for our best version of ourselves. Lives can be busy, calm, stressful, relaxed, miserable, exciting, lacking, fulfilling and we determine which moment is which through our perceptions and how we feel.

Integrated Nutrition is a WHOLE-istic model that looks at the entire person’s overall health – how you might nourish your mind, body, and spirit through your work/career, your personal relationships with your partner, children, family, and friends/colleagues, your connection to your inner self, your level of physical activity, and lastly but most importantly diet and other lifestyle choices.

I choose to work with individuals and couples who want to feel healthier in their bodies and minds and need the benefit of having someone coach and guide them, providing accountability and structure while experimenting with plant-based nutrition and new habitual choices.


Work one-on-one with me and together, we form a partnership that can transform you from the NOW version of you to a Future version of you feeling happier, focused, energized, and empowered to continue making the right choices for your health and wellness goals!


With Love,

Krystal Godlesky

Health Empowerment Coach | (734) 564-0708 |