How NOT to Get Sick This Winter Season (And Feel Well Instead)

Stay Well_1

Keep yourself even healthier and energized this holiday season by remembering these

5 Simple Body Health Essentials:

  1. WATER! Water makes up 75% of our entire body and when we do an insufficient job of staying WELL hydrated then we start to notice our skin, eyes, nasal passages, lips, and lungs feel really dry and painful. How much water are you drinking and eating through fresh fruits and vegetables each day? Aim to drink a minimum of half your body weight IN OUNCES of water. As always implied, increase hydration during exercise, cold weather exposure, and during any illness. Example for a person who weighs 150lbs, they would drink around 75oz of water daily.
  2. FRESH AIR! Step outside and take the opportunity to breathe in deep and exhale into the cool, crisp, winter air. When you do this, you can feel an immediate sense of peace and maybe even a moment of joy in just the act of BEING PRESENT, this mindfulness then sends signals to your body letting it know that all is right in the world IN THIS MOMENT HERE.
  3. SUNSHINE! Open the blinds, the drapes, and let all that beautiful winter sunshine in! All that beautiful, natural divine light touches our skin and stimulates our eyes! Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression have been linked to deficient Vitamin D, melatonin, and even a gut microflora imbalance. Keep your moments of sadness at bay, by taking in as much outside light as you can! You can combine Air and Light (along with your now UNBUSY schedule) by taking a walk outside.
  4. MOVE YOUR BODY! Moving your body helps keep your blood moving and organs free from congestion, which improves mood and energy levels. Find what makes your body move and your Heart smile, maybe it’s a walk, shoveling snow, sledding, skiing, or maybe it’s dancing around your living room with your kids before bed! The more you can move your body in a meaningful way, the closer you come to overall mind, body, and spirit balance.
  5. REST! Probably the one most forgotten about until we actually end up under the weather. Resting often, especially during the Winter season, will keep your body’s stress level more in rhythm with the energy of the season. This time of year for those of us in the cooler climates actually feel a lack of energy that is completely normal considering our evolutionary biology suggests that even we too have hibernation tendencies in our genes. So instead of fitting in all the things on your To-Do list, choose the Top 3-5 Priority for the day and give yourself some time to rest every day. Log off, power down, close your eyes, and put your feet up. Just breathe deeply and slowly, focusing on how your breath fills your belly with each inhale and falls with each exhale. Rest without getting something else done is KEY.

A balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and proteins, in addition to these five simple essentials, can greatly enhance your sense of wellness, support your immune defenses, and improve your overall satisfaction with life!

Looking for a delicious winter recipe to try? Give my Winter Radish & Kale Salad a try this holiday season!

What are some other ways you are focusing on doing this season to stay healthy? We would love read more innate wisdom! Leave your perspective and wisdom below!

Are you on Facebook? Join my free 30 Day Food Resolution Challenge group and take the next step in your wellness journey! Show up for yourself, commit to your Health and Wellness in a NEW WAY, and you will discover what TRUE HEALTH can really do for YOU!

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