How to Make the Most of the Coronavirus Social Closures (My Positive List of Ideas)

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The response around the world, including us in the United States, has been to avoid going places with large groups of people and keeping approximately 6ft from people you do not know while out in public. This experience is quite trying for every person as each of us prepare for what the next several weeks might be like without travelling, going on vacation, going to school, telecommuting for work, watching sports on TV, and shopping and dining out in restaurants. Not to mention the cancelled concerts, weddings, and all the other fun gatherings we had planned.

So what can be said of all these woeful precautionary actions?  I think there is certainly a lighter perspective to all this and that is to ENJOY THE TIME! For many of us who are healthy, we are of course following all the recommendations from the CDC and other local governing groups, but we are now told to stay home with our families.

Here are some benefits to this that hopefully provide some inspiration for you and your family:

  • Sleep in, let the kids sleep in, embrace the slow wake-up process. Watch the cups of coffee though (recommended by your Health Coach *wink wink*)
  • GO OUTSIDE! Take walks, by yourself AND with your family. Hiking through the woods is so relaxing for the congested mind! (Thankfully, this is all happening during Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere!)
  • Play games with your children. Pull out the board games, the deck of cards, or just create your own. Hide-and-seek is such a simple but fun game that you can get creative with by adding spins to the game, such as moving to other hiding spots without being seen to keep the Seeker seeking longer, because we all know the hiding part is the best part!
  • Enjoy making new recipes with whatever you have stocked in the pantry! Get to Pinterest and type in your ingredient, ie, “artichokes recipes” or “recipes for black beans”. Bake yummy goodies too! Look up recipes that use natural ingredients like oats, almond or peanut butter, bananas, dates, etc.
  • READ A BOOK! You might have books on your shelf that you had good intentions of reading like seven years ago, now is a great time to start!  Audio books are great too and everyone can listen together (I love Audible!). Read with your younger children and play literacy games.
  • Discover new Podcasts. Pinna is a fabulous resource for fun and educational listening for children!
  • Workout! There are so many great workout videos on YouTube.
  • Consider Yoga for meditation and relaxation. Yoga nidra is a meditation meant to bring the body to TOTAL RELAXATION.
  • Learn something new! There are many online training programs for just about anything you want to know more about. Consider it professional development if it’s connected to your field.
  • REST a lot! Have a cup of tea. Journal. Take a bath. Soak your feet. Paint your nails.
  • Get ARTSY! Paint, draw, color, or make a vision board using old magazines and newspapers, with tape, gluesticks, or even staplers.

Happiness Goals

This list is what I came up with but of course there are many other ideas that you could think of too.  I hope this list inspires you to embrace this very challenging time by using it for your full advantage.  The important message here is to enjoy the time you have by doing things that aren’t necessary like sticking to deadlines, driving to this appointment and that practice, as I imagine many people’s employers are providing a bit of leniency on the amount of work that can be done from home at the moment. Maybe you could get ahead by brainstorming new ideas for creative projects in the future, developing outlines and supporting materials.



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I know this will be tough, I’m not saying that if you just do these things that you won’t also feel like you’re going crazy at times. I get it. Being around the ones we love CAN generate emotions inside of us that can feel overwhelming. If you begin feeling like you can’t handle another moment without your normal diversions, be gentle with yourself by minding how you feel as well as your choice of words — leaving to go to work, go the store, meet with friends for lunch or dinner may not be good ideas right now while we all work together to slow the spread of this COVID-19.

Be patient. It will pass. Things will return to some new version of normal, though the aftermath will be very interesting.

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If you read something here that you didn’t like, let it go, forget about it. If you read something you liked, then I’m happy to have shared it.

Take care of you. Be well and stay well. Much love to all of us.


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