About Krystal


The Day I Got Into the Brighton Lighthouse

I am a Certified Integrated Nutrition Health Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Educator. I have a vibrant passion for guiding others to move towards a fulfilling and purposeful life. I have a unique ability to focus on how to help you nourish your physical, psycho-emotional, and spiritual well-being using simple strategies. Nutrition is not only about what we feed our physical bodies through food but how we feed our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  I am dedicated and committed to helping anyone who has a strong calling to change but aren’t sure where or how to begin the process for themselves.  We all have the desire for optimal wellness, happiness, and wholeness.

What I LOVE THE MOST about helping people like you, is that it brings me so much JOY witnessing your profound transformation throughout our time together and beyond! There is something about it that just feels magical while so true.


If you would like to have a conversation with me about your health and lifestyle goals, then use the Contact Form below!