Winter Radish & Kale Salad

This winter salad is not only grounding, replenishing, and supportive but it’s so festive for the season! For a salad, it’s really got some heat in the delicious pungent peppery flavor of radishes.

The root vegetables of Daikon radish and Red radish provide the nutritional grounding really needed to keep our digestive fires burning hot during the winter season along with an immunity boost! The Radish family actually promotes the movement of bile and aids the body in fat digestion, decongests the gallbladder, cleanses the blood and liver, and safely lowers blood pressure.

Kale, still a trendy superfood, and for good reason. It’s hardy cold weather green leaves are packed with energy and nutrients necessary to keep our blood, kidneys, and liver clean and functioning well.

Try this salad like a relish or a julienne dish! Share this with your friends and enjoy a fresh twist at any gathering!

Winter Radish & Kale

What’s in it:

3 Daikon radishes

1-2 bunches of Red radishes

3 Kale leaves (I used Green kale)

1/4 tsp real sea salt (I use a blend of pink Himalayan salt for added minerals)

1/4 cup olive oil

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1-2 tsp honey (raw and local for added immunity factors)

Optional Additions: shredded carrots, parsley, or cilantro and lime juice

What to do:

Place the radishes and kale into a large Food Processor and chop until your desired texture. You could shred the radishes and finely chopped the kale if you prefer! Place the vegetables in a large mixing bowl, add the salt and toss. Let the veggies release their water (10 minutes). Drain the water. Whisk the oil, honey, and vinegar in a small bowl and pour over the veggies. Toss well to integrate and let marinate about 15-20 minutes before serving. Mmmmm!

Winter Radish with Carrot

You have permission to get creative with it and make it your own!  I hope you enjoy this delicious salad this winter season!

Come back and share your taste experience and creative innovations in the comments below!

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How NOT to Get Overwhelmed This Holiday Season (And Feel Joy Instead)

Who is most at risk for falling ill this holiday season?  Busy people. That’s who get ill with the colds, flus, pneumonias, and other common winter time ailments. The number one thing we can do for ourselves to support our bodies during a naturally cold, dry, and dark, not to mention also a joyous, exciting, and full of festivities season, is to UNBUSY our minds! Seriously. It’s THAT simple. Sometimes not doing anything feels like doing something! Enjoying the cancelled plans, traffic delay, or long line at the store by just TAKING IT ALL IN!

Unbusy Mind

When our mental space between our ears and above our nose is full of lists, judgements, worries, anxiety, and our physical space experiences headaches, sinus troubles, vision trouble, dry scalp, and brittle hair, you WILL experience a dip in your body’s natural defenses against illness. Your body is following the control of the mind, the mind is sending high-stress signals to the rest of the body, and immediately the body goes into Survival mode. Your digestive system goes into overdrive so it can store as much energy as it can; in the form of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, which all eventually break down into glucose, vitamins, and amino acids. With all the attention and energy flowing into the gastrointestinal tract, your immune system takes a BIG hit.

When we allow the “busyness” of the season to take over our minds, we begin to experience weight gain, sleep disruptions, mood changes, and other physical ailments, all of which can be directly related to an imbalance between your mental and physical vibrations. Our mind, body, and spirit vibrates out of sync, but when we are in sync we experience feelings of peace, acceptance, happiness, and joy. The most important thing (above diet and rest at number 2 and 3) is to unbusy your life. Take your To-Do List and circle the absolute fewest priorities for the day or the week, and place everything under the “If I Get to It, I Get to It List.”

When you unbusy your life, you choose to unbusy your mind!

In any given moment, take a few deep breaths and ask your mind this question:

“What am I actually doing right now?”

Answer yourself by relaxing, letting go of tension, and ENJOYING the moment you are in NOW – it’s the doing, the people, the talking, the view, listening to the sounds of kids yelling, screaming, crying, laughing, giggling, WHATEVER it is that you are doing in that moment and FEEL how all seems right in the world, in this moment right here. And give yourself an opportunity to actually FEEL THE PEACE no matter what kind of “chaos” is going on around you.

I hope you find my perspective and wisdom helpful. May your moments be merry and bright this season!  Leave your perspectives and wisdom below!