Doula Services

Motherhood is in many regions around the world considered to be a rite of passage for a woman. The process of becoming responsible for more than yourself can be an arduous one for many who aren’t aware of this deep and profound undertaking. Women must feel like their own needs are being met while each one discovers what those needs are, it’s an evolution of motherhood, and it deserves the utmost respect, appreciation for the work, and patience for what Mother Nature herself has already perfected within each of her own children.

Mother Tree

My goal and purpose of my Health Coach Doula services is to be a beacon of hope and steady guide for each one of the women I work with. I believe that every woman has a duty to prepare herself for one of the most magical experiences of her entire life, as it is the mechanism of the proliferation of our species.

From the moment, we women find out we are pregnant with a tiny seed of magical wonder and possibility within our womb, we begin our massive transformation to become who we are at the core. Our strong and powerful feminine essence becomes us, more than we could have ever imagined so, and this empowerment of embarking on a beautiful process of change and birth IS the reason one deserves a Doula (and hopefully midwife) at our side.

If you would like to meet me and discuss your nutritional, psycho-emotional, and other needs during or after pregnancy, please reach out to me below.